Bruker Introduces New Analytical Solutions and Scientific Instruments at Pittcon 2016

ATLANTA–([1])–This week at Pittcon 2016, Bruker (NASDAQ: BRKR) is showcasing new
products and analytical solutions for core Applied & Pharma
markets, for our Nanoanalysis, Microscopy & Advanced Materials
markets, as well as new after-market services and
life-cycle support solutions for our customers.

A. Applied and Pharmaceutical Markets

  • The new MATRIX™-MG series of high-performance gas
    analyzers offer automated, high precision and real-time monitoring of
    gas compounds based on infrared spectroscopy. The target gases are
    analyzed inside a cell with different optional optical path lengths to
    cover a broad range of applications. The identification and
    quantification of compounds is performed automatically by OPUS™
    (Gas Analysis) software with quantification of more than
    400 compounds without the need for calibrations. More
  • The new Honey Profiling module of the NMR FoodScreener™
    has quickly gained acceptance by major global food analysis labs and
    honey-packers due to its unique capabilities to rapidly and
    cost-effectively detect adulteration, and mislabeling of content or
    origin. Eurofins Scientific Group and the Bruker-led Honey
    Consortium with companies QSI and ALNuMed have decided to harmonize
    their NMR honey profiling models and are collaborating on the release
    of a unified update of the Honey Profiling module. Famille
    Michaud Apiculteurs
    is the first honey-packer to adopt this novel
    NMR solution
    [3]. With the integration of Honey Profiling
    in their analytical portfolio, Famille Michaud can increase the scope
    of analysis, while reducing the time of analysis from 2 days to just
    20 minutes, in order to reduce production lead-times and total costs,
    and to protect their premier honey brands. More…[4]
  • The latest update of the Wine Profiling module of the NMR
    ™ provides a unique solution for the
    authentication, fraud detection and labeling compliance of high-value
    wines. The latest module upgrade features a substantial increase in
    the number of regions now covered, and includes areas of particular
    interest to consortiums, consumers and collectors. Wines from France,
    Italy and Spain, where a premium is paid for wines from a specific
    locale and labeling requirements are stringent, can now be easily and
    cost-efficiently authenticated and their quality ensured. As
    demonstrated by recent adulteration scandals identified by this
    method, Wine Profiling is a powerful tool for the full
    value chain, from producers guaranteeing the quality of their product
    to merchants anxious to protect their investment and reputation. More…[5]
  • Bruker announces new sample automation with 26mm tubes to further
    enhance the value of its TD-NMR based minispec®
    Toothpaste Analyzer
    . The sample changer can handle 48 samples
    with temperature control for highest reproducibility. Further options
    include a barcode reader and safety housing. The minispec
    Toothpaste Analyzer
    measures the fluorine content in
    toothpaste several times faster and at a fraction of the total cost of
    ownership compared to other methods. More…[6]
  • The new Bruker FUSION-SV 1.1 automated structure
    verification solution for small molecules in pharma and chemistry
    research integrates high-resolution, accurate mass ESI-QTOF mass
    spectrometry for automated chemical formula generation with NMR
    spectroscopy. The updated FUSION-SV 1.1 solution now
    includes additional 2D NMR methods for even higher confidence in
    rapid, automated structure verification. Designed for the workflow of
    medicinal and synthetic chemists in pharma, chemical industry or in
    academia, FUSION-SV 1.1 guides chemists to meaningful
    results with minimal interaction and without the need for expert
    knowledge. More…[7]
  • Designed for the real-time analysis of chemical reactions under
    process conditions, the new InsightMR™ solution uses NMR
    flow-tube online monitoring to analyze and optimize chemical
    reactions. InsightMR’s software features a user-friendly
    interface to allow both expert and non-expert users to set up, monitor
    and adjust key experimental parameters. The new NMR flow tube and
    probe, with temperature controlled transfer lines, allows fast and
    continuous transfer of reaction mixtures from a reaction vessel. More…[8]

B. Nanoanalysis, Microscopy & Advanced Materials Research

  • The new Bruker SiBrickScan (SBS) is the first at-line
    FTIR instrument allowing for the quantification of interstitial Oxygen
    in complete Silicon bricks and ingots. The SBS system is a big step
    forward for Si wafer producers. In contrast to classical approaches,
    the SBS does not require the preparation of thin
    samples, but directly determines the Oxygen gradient along the ingot
    main axis and for fast and economic QC.
  • The micro-XRF spectrometer M4 TORNADO™ offers new key
    capabilities for the analysis of multilayer materials as well as for
    the quantification at uneven surfaces, e.g. in powder samples. The new XMethod
    software 1.3 manages calibrations and standards and enables the
    optimization of complex methods, such as the quantitative analysis of
    metallic multilayer stacks for composition and coating thickness. The M4
    new FlexiSpot feature allows spot sizes of up
    to 200 µm for reproducible quantification of irregularly shaped
    samples, such as powders, soils or granular raw materials. With these
    new features, the M4 TORNADO continues to set standards
    in accurate, fast and non-destructive elemental analysis. More
  • The new Vutara™
    352 Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscope
    [11] enables
    entirely new research functionality in super-resolution microscopy,
    including the ability to perform pair-correlation, co-location,
    cluster, and live-cell analysis with super resolution. Based on
    Bruker’s proprietary biplane technology, it leverages high-performance
    data acquisition and image processing capabilities to perform the
    entire imaging workflow, from acquisition through localization to
    quantitative analysis. The Opterra™ SR high speed
    confocal option on the Vutara 352 system enables
    seamless correlative imaging for sample investigation prior to
    super-resolution imaging, as well as the capability to combine
    super-resolution images with confocal images for contextual
    information. More
  • The new MultiMode™ 8-HR AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)
    brings extensive capabilities for nanomechanics and higher speed
    imaging to the world’s highest resolution and most widely-used AFM. It
    enables researchers to access the broadest range of ramp frequencies
    for viscoelastic studies and nanomechanical assessment of a wide range
    of materials, from soft biological specimens to hard metallic samples.
    The system provides unprecedented bandwidth and extremely low-noise
    data acquisition to enable such proprietary technology advances as
    ScanAsyst, PeakForce QNM and FastForce Volume. These features reaffirm MultiMode
    as the most versatile, highest performance AFM in its
    class. More
  • The novel Contour™ CMM Dimensional Analysis System is
    the world’s first non-contact metrology system to perform simultaneous
    nanoscale height, surface texture, waviness and form measurements, as
    well as 3D coordinate measurements for geometric dimensioning and
    tolerancing, all on one instrument. Its Vision Dimensions
    software offers proprietary features designed for small-part
    characterization, including automation for part programs, hundreds of
    preset analyses, and customized inspection reports. The Contour
    system performs rapid, non-contact precision measurements
    for stringent metrology in R&D and manufacturing of small structures
    in precision-machined components across a wide range of industries,
    from medical and optics to automotive and aerospace. More

C. After-Market Services and Life-Cycle Support

  • LabScape™ – Magnetic Resonance & Preclinical Imaging Service and
    Life Cycle Support
    : As laboratories continue to optimize
    uptime, productivity and total cost of ownership, the Bruker BioSpin
    Group introduces a new, flexible approach to instrument life-cycle
    management, maintenance and service – the new LabScape™
    concept. Bruker BioSpin’s LabScape suite of laboratory
    services includes a range of maintenance, repair and upgrade
    agreements for magnetic resonance and preclinical imaging product
    lines. Customers can choose comprehensive packages or à la carte
    services, as needed. LabScape can be tailored to
    customers’ needs, whether its maximum system uptime, close cost
    control, or even automatic system upgrades. Customers can rely on LabScape
    for reliable, optimal instrument performance and ready access to
    up-to-date expertise and techniques from our team of trained engineers
    and applications scientists. More…[15]

Frank Laukien, Ph.D., the President and CEO of Bruker Corporation,
commented: “At Pittcon 2016, Bruker continues its Innovation with
tradition, offering novel products that push the
boundaries of performance for enabling our research customers around the
world, while also focusing on unique, high value analytical solutions
for our applied markets and pharma customers. Our Bruker NANO Group is
launching an exciting range of powerful products or enhancements for
leading-edge nano-materials and cell biology research, as well as for
high-performance elemental analysis and metrology. Finally, we continue
to invest in more comprehensive and flexible customer life-cycle
management and service solutions.”

About Bruker Corporation
For more than 50 years, Bruker has
enabled scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new
applications that improve the quality of human life. Bruker’s
high-performance scientific research instruments and high-value
analytical solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at
molecular, cellular and microscopic levels.

In close cooperation with our customers, Bruker is enabling innovation,
productivity and customer success in life science molecular research, in
applied and pharma applications, in microscopy, nano-analysis and
industrial applications, as well as in cell biology, preclinical
imaging, clinical research, microbiology and molecular diagnostics. For
more information, please visit:[16].

Please join us at Bruker’s Pittcon Booth #3121 throughout the
conference, and at our Pittcon press conference on Tuesday, March 8,
2016, at 12:00 noon to 1:15 pm EST at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN
Center in conference room Dogwood AB in the North Tower (lunch served, by
registration only

For more information on Bruker at Pittcon 2016, please visit[18]


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