Dallas ISD And Dimension U Partner To Make Math More Competitive And Engaging For Students

As part of its annual STEM Virtual Expo, which will take place on Jan. 23, 2021, Dallas ISD has partnered with Dimension U, an esports for education company, to organize the virtual 2021 Math Olympiad Esports STEM Tournament.

This platform is a curriculum-based, multiplayer video game where students in grades three through nine compete with others in one of three game worlds by solving math questions correctly. By doing so, students reinforce core mathematics skills and teachers gain academic data to support instructional efforts.

“Dimension U is a great tool to engage virtual or face-to-face students,” said Stej Sanchez, Dallas ISD’s STEM Math Director. “Students love the competition style, multiplayer video game format that simultaneously reinforces fundamental math and critical thinking skills.”

This year, the Math Olympiad Esports STEM Tournament will consist of two parts:

  • Warmup sessions, which will happen between Dec. 2 and 15, where participating students will compete in daily tournaments to achieve either the most points or the most correct answers.
  • On Jan. 23, the Dallas ISD Math Olympiad Esports Tournament will be held virtually during STEM Day. There will be one separate event per grade level between third and eighth grades, which will be streamed live. Participants will be determined by their respective schools.

Dimension U has partnered with Dallas ISD on the annual Math Olympiad Tournaments since 2010, when the digital version was first introduced for the middle and high school events.

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