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InnovMetric has introduced PolyWorks® MS 2020, the latest release of its 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution. PolyWorks MS 2020 offers multipiece editing capabilities that accelerate the preparation of robust inspection projects and facilitate data analysis. This new major release also extends the universality of its digitizing hub by adding support for new measurement instruments, and increases CNC CMM productivity by accelerating the execution of measurement sequences.

“Successfully deploying the PolyWorks enterprise platform in the market is not only about closing major business deals. It’s also about accepting a great responsibility,” said Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric. He added, “Every year, we’re on a mission, as our customers expect us to improve their daily performance, offer the new dimensional controls that they need, and expand the universality of our platform by adding and enhancing our 3D measurement hardware interfaces. With PolyWorks 2020, we’re right on target once again.”

Boost Quality of Project Setup and Analysis by Leveraging Multiple Scanned Models

PolyWorks|Inspector™ now allows users to modify and add data alignments, measurement objects, and inspection reports for multiple measured pieces at once.

The new capability will allow PolyWorks users to more easily prepare robust inspection projects that handle all pieces. When a user builds an initial project and starts measuring pieces, he may encounter a problematic piece for which the object extraction parameters do not work properly. The new multipiece editing technology allows him to fine-tune the object’s extraction and fitting parameters until satisfactory results are obtained, and then apply these changes to all previously scanned pieces in one operation, to ensure that the new parameters do not negatively impact the other pieces.

Multipiece editing is also a very powerful tool for quickly investigating a production failure by analyzing previously fabricated pieces. When a failing piece is detected, new measurement objects and reports are generally required to get additional information. PolyWorks 2020 now allows users to add these new objects and reports to a subset of selected pieces in a single operation, to analyze object measurement results, trend charts, and statistics on these pieces, with the goal of better understanding the conditions that led to the failure.

Extended Universality of Portable Metrology Solution

PolyWorks MS 2020 enhances its portable metrology workflows and adds interfaces for new instruments, expanding the limits of the PolyWorks|Inspector platform:

  • Construct planes and lines from already measured objects and access the complete GD&T toolbox and fitting statistics;
  • Trigger the use of Creaform laser scanners within the Play Inspection tool;
  • Enjoy high-performance measurement methods that leverage the capabilities of the Leica ATS600 tracker; and,
  • Connect to a MicroRidge MobileCollect wireless system and bring measurements from handheld gauges into inspection projects.

Increase CNC CMM Productivity

More and more CNC CMM users are adopting PolyWorks MS as they discover its outstanding ease of use and performance. Version 2020 enhances and broadens its CNC CMM solution to help users increase their productivity in their ultra competitive markets by:

  • Accelerating the execution of CNC CMM sequences while probing in fly mode (up to 50% faster) and laser scanning;
  • Ensuring that CMM positions are reachable by the machine to avoid invalid moves when defining a sequence offline, or assist when porting a sequence to a CMM with a different measurement volume; and,
  • Offering the control of Hexagon and Zeiss CMM-based laser scanners through I++.

Accelerate Inspections Tasks 

PolyWorks MS 2020 offers enhanced tools and new technologies that eliminate the guesswork and help users work faster. These include:

  • Optimize and augment GD&T toolkit, improved algorithms accelerate 2-point distance calculations and produce more accurate and repeatable results, and the support a new Combined Zone modifier;
  • Quickly learn and master interactives modes, due to new user-friendly contextual toolbars and improved guidance;
  • Easily share customized toolbars and macros with colleagues and partners;
  • Link multipiece inspection projects to their Excel spreadsheets with PolyWorks|ReportLoop™; and,
  • Integrate mixed reality display from PolyWorks|AR™ into their guided measurement workflows.

For more information: www.innovmetric.com[1]

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